Do NOT bet at the WTTC: first rounds upsets

The 2017 World Table Tennis Championships are at the halfway point, with Day 4 just over and 4 more days to go. The Women’s Singles draw is already at the Round of 16, while the Men’s is one round behind. There have already been 208 matches in to the main draw, with many exciting encounters, some quick ones and some totally unexpected results.

In this article, we will review all these results, spotting the top and worst performers of the competition so far.

The biggest upsets

First of all, let’s take a look a the biggest upsets of the main draw so far. In the scope of this article, we will not consider Mu Zi’s results, as she comes to the World Championships as an unranked player due to some international inactivity after having been a semi-finalist at the last World Championships.

In order to measure the upset factor of a match, we will consider the ranking points difference between the players, based on the last published ranking at the first week of May.

All in all, the top 5 upsets so far are:

Lubomir Pistej (SVK). Photo: ITTF

1. Lubomir Pistej (SVK) [WR: 156] 4 – 1 Jeoung Youngsik (KOR) [WR: 12]

2. Ng Pak Nam (HKG) [WR: 185] 4 – 3 Tiago Apolonia (POR) [WR: 19]

3. Ri Hyon Sim (PRK) [WR: 193] 4 – 3 Polina Mikhailova (RUS) [WR: 54]

4. Jha Kanak (USA) [WR: 246] 4 – 3 Adrian Crisan (ROU) [WR: 67]

5. Dana Cechova (CZE) [WR: 130] 4 – 3 Matilda Ekholm (SWE) [WR: 27]


The top (and worst) performers

A big unexpected result can make someone’s day. However, it is about being consistent when you want to achieve your goals. Let’s evaluate the World Ranking point gains and losses that the players would experience with the main draw results up until now.

Considering the current World Ranking regulation, which we analyzed in a previous article, the top and worst performers are:

Maria Xiao (ESP). Photo: ITTF

1. Ri Hyon Sim (PRK) [+136 WR points]

2. Maria Xiao (ESP) [+134 WR points]

3. Ng Pak Nam (HKG) [+128 WR points]

4. Lubomir Pistej (SVK), Dana Cechova (CZE), Tamas Lakatos (HUN) [+128 WR points]


256. Adrian Crisan (ROU), Bastian Steger (GER), Matilda Ekholm (SWE), Jun Mizutani (JPN), Doo Hoi Kem (HKG), Tiago Apolonia (POR), Jeoung  Youngsik (KOR), Irina Ciobanu (ROU) [-36 WR points]


The best (and worst) countries

Finally, let’s calculate the performance by country. Not surprisingly, the results so far are:

Dana Cechova (CZE). Photo: ITTF

1. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [+199 WR points]

2. Hungary [+173 WR points]

3. Romania [+172 WR points]

4. Czech Republic [+138 WR points]

5. Slovakia [+134 WR points]


51. England, Poland [-26 WR points]

53. Portugal [-27 points]

54. Nigeria [-31 WR points]

55. Russia [-50 WR points]

56. Ukrania, Croatia [-56 WR points]


Action compressed

From Day 5, all the action will happen in the main hall, with only four tables and non-stop matches from 8 AM (GMT) until 7:30 PM (GMT). The rounds and competitions to take place are:

  • Women’s Singles: Round of 16 & quarter-finals
  • Men’s Doubles: Quarter-finals
  • Women’s Doubles:  Quater-finals
  • Men’s Singles: Round of 32

As usual, you can stay tuned to all the action at:

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* Cover photo: ITTF

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